I love Tomas!
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I love TADAS!
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I love Mindaugas!
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I love Andrius!
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I love jiuliu!
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Love quotes

Reality is just a fantasy, without you

Life is hard, but when your near me it is soft as cotton

Honey is sweet, but you are sweeter

My life is nothing without your love

You may change everyday but my love to you stay always

You may love me a bit, but I love you a whole

No matter how far we're apart, my love is always near you

Daily dream, I dream of you, hoping one day it comes true

Your love is what drives my life, without you it stop moving

Night and day fly by in an instant, not one second I don't think of you

You may lived afar but our love is always near

A dream is a dream without your love

Life becomes sweeter with you my love

If I can only see you in a dream my love, then let the dream last forever

My life may fade in a lifetime, but my love for you is everlasting

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